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Partner Report

Partner Name: Motherhen Development Foundation           

Reporting period: MAY 2022

Business Model

Motherhen Development Foundation (MDF) is a Nigerian not-for-profit and development organization that works towards improving quality of life in communities and families, reducing poverty and inequality while advancing the upliftment of women, young people and people Living with Disabilities (PLWD) and of particular interest is the underserved women through strategic partnerships and collaborations as well as passionate professionals and community-based volunteers.

MDF’s SHIELD (Sustainable Household Income and Enhanced Livelihoods) initiative, in collaboration with Mercy Corps Nigeria, will target 10,000 rice, maize, groundnut, cowpea, and small ruminant (sheep and goat) producers and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in 74 communities across Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, and Gombe (BAY-G) States to fund activities under the USAID-funded program. The initiative will tend to achieve the following:

  • Farmers improve access to business development services with a strategic focus on linkages to financial services, particularly credit, mobile money, payment platforms, and insurance through a functional network of agents.
  • Organize and form farmers into Village Savings and Loan Groups (VSLA)
  • Training the VSLA groups on the VSLA methodologies.
  • Trained farmers in modern agricultural practices.
  • Build the capacities of VBA’s for proper supervision and conducting the activities of farmers’ VSLA groups.
  • Signing of MOUs with partners, market actors, farmers, etc.
  • Facilitate loans for farmers with financial institutions.
  • Develop business plans for smallholder farmers and micro, small-scale and medium enterprises.
  • Conduct an impact survey on the project.

Major Activities and achievements

  • The MDF team were able to sort valid forms for the opening of an account with Sterling Bank, which is part of the criteria to access loans with the bank. About nine hundred (900) forms scaled the validation exercise. The program officer at MDF office flat 5, Ministry of Youth and Development, ensured that the activity was carried out successfully.
  • Onboarding of farmers in the Riby database using the Microsoft excel sheet was done during the month. About one thousand two hundred (1200) farmers have been added to the database. This was done so that the farmers would be able to get a loan from Riby, a financial institution partnering with MDF on Rural Resilience Activities (RRA). These activities were facilitated by the Motherhen Development Foundation Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Officer with support from the program officer and the Village Base Agent VBA’s. This activity was done at the community level and the results were collated at the MDF office in Gombe.
  • MDF teams were present at the Mercy Corps team’s trade fair exhibition in the four implementing states: Adamawa, Borno, Gombe, and Yobe. The team were able to showcase different farming inputs like improved seedlings and other income-generating activities. The outcomes were showcased at the MDF stand in various locations of the trade fair. The trade fair was organized to provide farmers with the best farming practices and technology before the farming season commences. The MDF team was led by the executive director, Dr. Erisa Danladi.
  • The VSLA group’s activities are going on in various groups in the four implementing states of the Motherhen Development Foundation. The groups are catching up with the VSLA methodologies. The VSLA groups were formed to support farmers to start businesses or improve their farming activities. The VSLA groups are supervised by the Village Base Agents with support from the Program Staff. During the month of May, N1,066,550 was saved and N613,000 was loaned.
  • In the month of May 2022, MDF conducted a series of training on Good Agronomical Practice was given to all the Village Base Agents in the four implementing states. The training was held at the conference room of the ADP Fadama III office in Gombe. During the training, twenty VBAs were present, nine of whom were female. The training was done so the VBA’s would state the training to farmers in their various communities of implementation. The training will be held on 4/5/2022 and 6/5/2022. The training is facilitated by Dr Joseph Kaltungo with support from the MDF team.
  • The Octoville consultant visited Motherhen Development Foundation for Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) on May 27th, 2022. The assessment was held at the conference room of the Motherhen Development Foundation. Mr. Shaba Tope, a director with the Octoville consultancy firm that works with Mercy Corps, conducted the assessment. The assessment was to identify gaps, the strength, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities in the Motherhen Development Foundation and how to bring solutions to the challenges identified during the exercise.
  • Monitoring of VLSA meetings across Borno, Adamawa, and  Yobe ,monitoring of farm clearing and allocation of farmers to cluster groups across the Borno, Adamawa, Yobe and Gombe state (4 BAY G )
  • Monitoring and Clearing of farm lands in various site is still ongoing.

 Strategic Partners

Sterling Bank Nigeria

Mercy Corps



Zainab  and Khadijah Co. Nig Ltd

Risk Analysis

ChallengesMitigation Measure
  Submission of weekly and VSLAs reports from state assistant program officers in Yobe, Adamawa, and Gombe is still delayed.Communication gap in the implementation process.   Some of the VSLA groups are still finding it hard to work with the VSLA methodologies taught during the VBA training.  Work plan and a weekly review meeting of tasks performed during the week and following up with Assistant Program Officers to schedule meetings with VBAs and VSLAs reports.     Effective communication during meetings for clear responsibilities and tasks to be achieved will help to bridge the communication gap.   There is need for refresher and reminders on the adoption and application of the VSLA Methodology

Key lessons                                                    

  • Re-strategizing and working smartly helps improve our productivity.
  • Working smartly and effective communication will help in the successful implementation of the project.
  • Supportive monitoring and mentoring visits to VSLA groups by the MDF team will help the group grow stronger and better.

The Followings are the next milestone and strategy for achievement                                              

  1. Farm Land Clearance for Rain fed Season Farming
  2. Facilitating loan Disbursement with financial institution to farmers.
  3. Impact survey by the MEL team.

Annex 1: KPI

Number Savings Groups
Organisation/FirmMotherhen Development Foundation 
State(s) of OperationsGombe, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa 
LGAsAkko, Billiri, Kwami, Dukku, Gombe, Funakaye, Gombi, Song,Hong, Mubi, Yola North, Biu, Kwaya Kusar, Damaturu, Azare, Potiskum 
Reporting Period (Month)MAY 2022 
# Savings Group66
Total number of male and females# males# female
Total number of Internally displaced people# males# females
Savings and Loans
Total Savings MobilizedTotal Loans Disbursed
N 1,314,970N 613,000
Participating farmers
Organization/FirmMotherhen Development Foundation 
State(s) of OperationsGombe, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa 
LGAsAkko, Billiri, Kwami, Dukku, Gombe, Funakaye, Gombi, Song, Mubi, Yola North, Biu, Kaya kusar, Damaturu, Azare, Potiskum 
Reporting Period (Month)MAY 2022 
# of Producer Organizations 13
Total number of male and females farmers in the PO# males 262# female 771
 MSMES=71Farmers=191 MSMES=187Farmers=584
Total number of youths in the producer organization # male youth 79# female youth 231
 MSMES=21Farmers=58 MSMES=40Farmers=191
Sales, investment, employment
Total Sales in NGNTotal Investments in NGN
Not yet0
Average land under productionAverage yield per farmerAverage sales of male farmersAverage sales of female farmers
Not yetNot yetNot yetNot yet

Value leveraged

Amount leveragedBrief description of leveraging
NGN 2,857,200Renting of lands and clearing.


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