PROJECT TITLEYaki Da Cin Zarafin Mata
PROJECT LOCATION (COMMUNITIES/LGA)Kuri- Yalmatu Deba LGA, Bojude – Kwami LGA, Biu – Biu LGA and Bambam – Balanga LGA
DATES OF ACTIVITY:Kuri: 12th July, 2023 Bojude: 13th July, 2023 Biu: 15th July, 2023 Bambam: 25th July, 2023
START TIME OF ACTIVITY:Kuri : 2:00 pm Bojude: 3:00 pm Biu: 3:00 Pm Bambam: 2:00 pm
TEAM MEMBERS RESPONSIBLE:Dr. Erisa Danladi – Executive Director Habiba Isa Gaude – Communication Officer Voice project Linda Ayuba Tiput – Program Officer Voice project
VENUE OF ACTIVITY: Kuri: Government Day Senior Secondary School (GDSS) Kuri, Yalmatu Deba LGA, Gombe State Bojude : Government Day Senior Secondary School (GDSS) Bojude , Kwami LGA, Gombe State Biu: Government Day Senior Secondary School ( GDSS) Biu, Biu LGA, Borno State Bambam : Government Comprehensive Day senior Secondary School (GCDSSS) Bambam, Balanga LGA, Gombe State
RIGHTHOLDERS:  Teachers, Students, Traditional leaders, Youth and Market women.
Activity TitleFriendlily football match
Reason For ActivityTo educate student on GBV and how to mitigate it To solicit for male student ambassador in their school (HE for SHE)To reoriented the student of types on GBV in School and how to end itTo establish clubs/safe space for student
Activity Reporting period July – September, 2023 – (Q4)
Activity Objective(s)To create awareness and sensitize students  of negative effect of GBV in schoolsTo get support from the young boys to help end GBV in schoolTo share experience of any form of GBV faced by students  
Kuri : On the 12th July, 2023 the MDF team came in early and paid an advocacy visit with peer mentors to the principals of Junior and senior secondary schools to further sensitize elaborate the aim and objectives of the friendly football competitions between school Linda Ayuba T, the Voice Program Officer appreciated the principal’s for the audience granted the team. The Program Officer said the school is a very good avenue for positive change and also the teachers are critical stakeholders and mentors to the students that why this innovative program is gear at drawing the mind of the young boys and girls using the competition to create awareness, sensitize the student to understand that GBV has being existing but we as student can make a different by supporting our mothers and sisters to have a safe community.  She further gave an overview of the stakeholders report with GBV in the community. One of the solutions agreed upon is for a holistic approach which he was also present at the town hall meeting. The principal who was represented by Mrs. Habiba appreciated MDF/Voice for the good initiative and believe that it will give a lasting print in the mind of the student once they remembers the friendly football game.  Then the team went to the field where jerseys were given to the players after they have kitted up, the program officer gave an overview of the activity, questions were asked and responds were given afterward the friendly football match was played between Government day senior secondary school (GDSS)  and Government Junior day secondary school (GJSS). At the end of the match the student of GJSS Kuri won the cup with score of 3:2 at the end of the match. In attendance we have 18 females and 37 males who watched the match.   Bojude: On 13th July, 2023 MDF voice team proceeded to the field were the teams changed to their jerseys  for the match a  sensitization on negative effect of GBV was done by the program officer, kinds of GBV mostly fund in schools and examples  were affirmed by the students question were asked and she responded in attendance were the principals of GDSS and GJSS   In and out of school children’s passerby, young women, women leader, youth leader and representative of the Dakachi.  The match was played by GDSS and GJSS in Bojude and at the end of the match the GDSS won the match with a score of 4:0 after the second half of the match, in attendances we have 45 males and 56 females.     Biu: on like other community where male student played the match in Biu, the girls played and were supported and applauded by the male student’s. The schools were Government Day Secondary School mixed (GDSS) and Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Biu similarly, the team has a sensitization on the negative effect of GBV in school and the need for student to speak out on any attempt of GBV. The principal appreciated the concept of the project for using football which is a game of unity and peace to being student  not only in the school even those outside to watch the match and also learning about the negative effect of GBV in school. The match ended with 2:0 with GGSS winning the match. In attendance we had 44 males and 69 females. Bambam: 25th July, 2023. The voice team comprised of the Program officer, Communication officer and Finance officer visited the principal of Government day Secondary School Bambam, and this is as a result of second rescheduling of the football match due to the examination being held and also the wet season activity. The school called assembly were all the student were sensitize on the harmful effect of GBV in school, some of the student gave examples of GBV they know , question were asked answers were given by the program and communication officer. The game has a lot of spectators because most of the students have finished their examination, after that, in attendances we have 131 males and 128 female.          
The student understood the negative effect of GBV in school and how it can affect their education Established relationship with teachers which can be leverage upon for sustainability after the close of the project.Wiliness for club formation in schools by teachers and students
Wet season farming activitiesExamination period for some schools
Leveraging on school teachers will make the process of club formation easy for the project. Programs should consider school calendar for effective and efficient execution of project.
Schools club should include teachers who are willing to support the implementation of the project.Adherence to the Do No Harm Policy during project implementation


  1. Risk Analysis
RiskRisk LevelMitigation Strategies
Low turnout of Some student   as a result of examination and wet season activitiesLowDate were changed from initial proposed date because of farming activities which was communicated to peer mentors to agree on a convenient date and time for  principals to allow students participate actively.
Patriarchal social normsMediumLiaise with gatekeepers to understand the cultural dynamics and bring forth Equity as against Equality discussion by allowing out of school children to watch the match and listen to the sensitization and awareness.
  •  Milestone:
ActivityDate of ActivityInputOutputMilestoneActivity Status
Sensitization -Friendlily football match in  Kuri, Bojude, Biu, and Bambam communities                                                         2. Creation girls clubs  in school  i. 12th July, 2023 – Kuri, Gombe State. ii. 13th July, 2023 – Bojude, Gombe State iii. 15th July, 2023 – Biu, Borno State iv. 25th July, 2023 – Bambam,  LGA, Gombe State                                   Biu 18th  July 2023, Borno State Bambam 21st July 2023, Gombe State Kuri and Bojudei. Car hire  to Kuri, Bojude, Biu and Bambam  perdiem   ii. Accommodation for four project staff – E.D, P.O, F.O, and C.O iii. PA system for 4days iv. Balls 2 each to Kuri,Bojude,Biu and bambam v. Media Coverage for Kuri, Bojude, Biu and Bamabam vi. First aid box  each for Kuri, Bojude,Biu and Bambam Vii. Whistles 2 each for Kuri, Bojude , Biu and Bambam viii. Trophy each for Kuri, Bojude. Biu and Bambam ix. Banners 1 generic x. Stipend for 2 Football officials each Kuri, Bojude, Biu and Bambam           i. Communication for  Biu, Bambam, Kuri and Bojude Peer mentors ii. manuals 5 for each communities of Biu, Bambam, Kuri and Bojude1.Improved evidence-based changes in the negative societal perception, practices and myths that exist within the community through football, thereby reducing the rate of GBV in their schools 2. Increased awareness which has impacted on GBV and VAWG into the minds of young boys that are at their adolescent age  of Bambam, Kuri, Bojude and Biu     i. safe space to discuss issues affecting girls and how best to solve issues with adolescent girls ii. Breaking the culture of silences in school  1.Improve internal Communication between teachers and Student 2. Established bridge for engagement by mentors and teachers to create a safe spaces/Club for the girls in the school 3. increased opportunities for HE 4 SHE Ambassadors.                                 i.Increase confidences in the adolescent girls ii. Increase reporting of GBV/VAWG  Done                                                                     Ongoing
  •  Next Steps:
ActivityDatesPerson(s) ResponsibleExpected outcome
Training of Community influencers Majalisa Matasha, maza da mata14th -18th August 2023Community peer mentors/MDF Voice teamTrained youth, men and women influencers in the community
Monitoring & Evaluation28th  August – 31sh September,  2023Program officer and  Communication officerAssess project progress at the end  of  4th Quarter
RecipientVoice Branded T-shirt( Jerseys)Voice Branded CapVoice Branded HijabsSigned commitment cardVoice sticker
Kuri rightholders ( GDJSS/GDSS)30
Bojude rightholders (GDJSS/GDSSS)30
Biu rightholders (GGSS/GDSSS)30
Bambam Rightholders (GDJSS/GDSSS)30

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